Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Throne for the Big Mac

My second Craig's List quest was of the upmost importance; a throne for the most amazing gift I have ever received....an Apple Desktop.  David bought it for me as a house warming gift with underlying tones of "this is a kick in the ass, you said you wanted to learn photography and blog I bought you a camera, now get on it with this perfect computer-you basically have no excuse now..."
The poor thing sat in its' box upstairs for a few months collecting dust.  I was too scared to take it out, because even the packaging was intimidating and expensive looking.  I kept telling him I couldn't start blogging or editing photos until I had a desk for the computer; it was just too pricey to set up on the coffee table.  Finally after searching, pickiness, and weeks being a complete coward I found a desk for $40.00 on Craig's List that some competition hadn't already snatched up. I had leftover paint from the dressers, so after all the weeks of denial and excuses (you see once it had a throne I had to actually start blogging etc.) I sanded and painted the desk in a matter of an hour.
I will be honest with you-I hated it at first.  It is still not what I wanted it to be...not worthy of Big Mac.  David has a Mac 13" laptop that seems so wee compared to mine thus the nickname.  However I had to get it done and in working order....

So now Big Mac has a less then worthy throne; but hey at least I'm blogging.

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