Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stop and Gawk at the Gaggles of Geese.....

The winter in New York this year was longer then I could have ever imagined....but oh the pay off of seeing an East Coast Spring.  Shoveling snow and SADS became a distant memory a couple of weeks ago when I turned my music and stress off during my morning commute and actually took notice of what was happening to the world around me.  Barren branches, and stick like bushes had seemingly overnight become flower shops.  Birds, squirrels, and swans that had been in hibernation or out west suddenly returned home and wanted the whole world to hear them scamper sing swim and rejoice.  I kept telling myself I had to get my camera out and go on a "nature walk."
 Needless to say it didn't happen right away. Finally one Sunday when I didn't have a giant to-do list, and David needed to sleep in, I hopped out of bed grabbed my camera and headed out into my neighborhood.  I will honestly tell you I didn't even brush my teeth or put on deodorant.  I felt like if I started my  morning routine I would end up not going out before it was too late.  I walked along admiring the blooming trees along my street, smiling at couples running by with jogging strollers...I got down to the water about a half mile from my house and felt a bit disappointed. I had seen a few pretty trees, but it just wasn't what I had expected once I finally got out to take some photos.  I thought "Maybe I just don't have the skill to photograph what my eyes are feasting on and that's ok."
Then I spotted something in the water....A momma and papa goose with ten baby geese swimming in between them in the ocean. My breath caught, and my heart went in my throat.  I ran down as close as I could, and struggled to put my stronger lens on quickly.  They swam so fast!  I ran after them snapping away as quickly as I could but they beat me.  Apparently P90-X wasn't working as well as I thought. I shrugged it off and kept searching for flowers.  I turned a corner and happened upon an alcove and guess who was there?  My gaggle of geese!  (Is that what they're called?) I don't want to stop and look it up.  They had pit stopped right along my walking path!  As quietly as I could, feeling no where as cool as those national geographic people look crept up on them and laid down in some bushes about 5 feet away from them.  The mom goose perked her head up and scanned the area, sensing I was there.  I held my breathe praying she wouldn't attack me or waddle run away.  My luck intact they stayed and kept nibbling grass...then about a half hour later two swan beauties showed up and stretched their gorgeous necks in the sun.  The baby geese got bored of their grass lunch, and began to fight just like human brothers and sisters....it was magical.  I had one of the best, most peaceful, awe filled mornings I'd ever had.  Here's what I saw...my photos are not enough to demonstrate the simple beauty of what I was lucky enough to witness but I had to share....

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Your photos are getting better and better. You have such a good eye for photography.