Sunday, September 26, 2010


She stands, holding cherry blossoms in her trembling hands.
Lavender dreams of faerie lands dance through her tilted head.
The drum beats of life pump through her veins, quickening as she spots him
He steps off his ship, feet tumbling over each other he's so eager to touch her waiting cheeks.
They meet halfway and as he inhales her blossom scent she is home to him.
Running one hand through her black hair, he holds out his gift of oranges in the other.
Smiling in their scented union, they walk away.

1 comment:

  1. your writing is always very poetic and descriptive. its not a bad thing. you should try using less adjectives. you can still be poetic without being so descriptive. sometimes all that description makes it difficult to retain whats really important, the subject matter. try reading some kurt vonnegut. vonnegut knows how to strip words down to the bare essentials yet remains very poetic.