Sunday, September 26, 2010


She was bundled up
Layer upon layer
A virtual rainbow onion of patterns and textures
All that was showing was her eyebrows and a bit of freckled nose
She sat upon the subway examining her fellow man
Wondering what would happen if they came upon a blip
An underground wrinkle in time on the endless tracks
Shooting them into another era of this world
Glancing up at the ceramic street names on the tunnel walls
Seeing her stop she jumped up to beat the mashing of boots, bags, and strollers
Stepping off the subway, gazing after it as it zooms away
She flicked a bit of her giant pretzel at the rats
Scampering and scurrying along the tracks
Trudging up the stairs polka dotted with flattened gum, yellow blue pink
"Step on a crack, break your momma's back"
Hop skip and into the semi-dusk she hovers under the giants of finance lining the street
Maneuvering through the throngs like a baffled sheep going the wrong direction
Humming to her ipods latest mix
Stopping suddenly against the crowd because she sees the light reflect off of his glasses
Smiling as mittens join, she pulls out a sticky valentine salt crumbling off of it
as she fishes it from her purse
In that wrinkle of time the world stood still.

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