Sunday, September 26, 2010


The acoustics slam and his fingers pull the melody out and grab at my veins.
Blood pumping bright blue in his hands darkening to purple as his inspiration mixes with her pure sweet voice.
My mouth hangs open slightly as I concentrate on their song.
The tulips I planted bright green and patient.
Reaching toward the sun even in the velvety midnight.
Not budding yet, waiting for their time.
The pride I feel when I look at my humble little home.
Oh how my soul is quiet and still in this place.
How my jumpy tapping feet are at rest.
The world rages its wars around me, stray bullets fly as carelessly as bumble bees.
But here in this moment I sit happy.
This is my peace, this is my moment before I decide to spring out and try to defy the sun in all his brilliance.
This spot of time is mine.

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