Sunday, September 26, 2010


Do you think you can unwrap me,
Put me into your mouth and chew away all my newness?
Take away all my flavor,
And leave nothing for others to savor?
Spit me upon the concrete after the freshness is gone.
Then begin with your unfeeling feet.
Do you think I'm just a piece of gum that you can walk on?
That I'll just stick to the bottom of your shoe,
Collecting the pieces of dirt and sharp stones along the way.
Think I want to blow bubbles and play?
Am I simply an object to be used to your advantage?
Stepped on and forgotten, until I become so drained of my juices
I'm no longer recognizable.
Stomped on and prodded with the sharp stick of your selfishness,
Until I become fragmented and cease to exist.
I have news for you; it may dent the sphere of yourself you abide in.
I am not gum, and this isn't fun.
In fact it should have never even begun.
I don't want to make your mouth "Winterfresh" and I will not "Last a little longer."
After being chewed so many times I have become stronger.

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