Sunday, September 26, 2010


I sit and watch from afar as you gather to weep pray and laugh.
Gaze at this hazy aftermath.
Various emotions peel from each of you like slices of orange.
Some sting, you purse your lips in gratefully when you strike an easy spot.
As you bite, the juices burst like tears in your mouth.
You struggle to valiantly swallow.

I am sorry to be your unripe orange today.
I didn't want you to wear all black.
Parts of my world were dark, forbidden, unknown.
But much of it was streams of color flowing from my paint brush.
Reds greens and golds.
I didn't have the strength to finish my canvass.
The one I so eagerly began.
I knew not how to complete these blue prints, carry out all these laid plans.

You are so angry with me, I have caused you so much pain.
You want to strike me but I'm not there.
Don't peel away to nothing, bite those bittersweet slices together.
Know that you won't feel this way forever.

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