Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smattering of Thoughts

We lay with his head fitting into the nook of my shoulder
Fingers and feel all intertwined.
The only light seeping through the black curtain of darkness
Was the shine of his eyes as they met mine.

You'd never know she'd been
But for the few ghostly notes, and jasmine floating in the air.
Like never seeing the vastness of the ocean, yet somehow knowing
That crashing in and rolling back out it is there.

I am refusing your offer, with all of its clauses and fine print at the bottom.
I'll never sign a contract stating that I am more or less than I am.
If you don't want to come with me the exit signs are lit and in clear view from all directions.
Strange that you wanted me to pack all of these holes full of sugar.
Sickly sweet in their pretending.

I step timidly onto the stage of your eyes.
Curtsey to my audience, then slowly turn to face my fear.
I twirl round and round these circles of dysfunction become my dance.
I tiptoe sidestepping any cumbersome romance.
My dancing shoes will never come off.

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