Sunday, September 26, 2010


If I take a breath, move an inch, back up a step;
I wil surely fall.
So I will just dig in my toes and not move at all.
If I look up I'm apt to take off in a run.
I'm a kite struggling to break its strings.
I'm a hummingbird beating her wings,
Flapping them so fast you can't see.
Ripples down in the water of my soul
Heart slamming and screaming so quietly down low.
I'm standing still so you won't feel me drifting away.
Unable to remain here for too long.
I cannot stay very long.
Causing so much noise with my silence your ears began to bleed.
Shutting the curtains over my eyes so you won't see my need.
The wanderlust whetting my tongue.
Longing to quench this thirst with a glass of freedom.
I can't stay very long.
Please do not ask me "How come?"

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